Cleaving The Site In Two

After a week or two of careful consideration, I will be changing platforms and posting at the new WordPress site Friday morning. While Blogger has been very good to me these past ten years, it’s woefully outdated and does not offer the features I need. So I’m loading up the truck and moving to Beverly… Hills, that is.

Support Your Local Gunfighter will remain here unmolested. I am not about to delete ten years of work.

I’m posting this now to give everyone a heads up. The new site isn’t ready yet – I’m still playing around with the template and the colors – but The O.K. Corral will be open for business Friday morning.

I’d appreciate if y’all followed me there.

UPDATE: We’re open for business!

Come For A Visit

After murdering SYLG2 with extreme prejudice and taking almost a month off, I realize I have alienated some readers. Others simply went about their lives in despair, knowing my special – “special” like Corky from Life Goes On – brand of writing was gone forever. Now I have to win back readers, and my initial plan of posting once a day and taking weekends off was not my brightest idea.

(My brightest idea was a pickle on a stick – or “stickle” – but that’s another story.)

Any hoo, for those of you new here, thank you for stopping by. If you just came for the babe pics, which was the only thing keeping this blog going while SYLG2 thrived, thank you as well. My posting schedule is not as regular as it was before, time-wise, so if you’d like, you can receive posts via email by clicking here. Otherwise, just stop in when it suits you – or you’re bored, drunk, etc.

I appreciate the regulars hanging with me as I work through my many neuroses. All I can promise from here on out is I will work hard for your readership.

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

On Proof’s suggestion, I am changing the Blogger comments to Disqus. Since I am a moron, I am sure I will mess this up royally. Please be patient for a bit, as the comment system seems to be, um, off. Hopefully, we’ll be back to abnormal shortly.

2:45pm – Disregard. Not a fan of Disqus… at all. I hate Blogger’s comment system, but Disqus was not much better, in my opinion.

Swept Away

While pondering – yes, I occasionally ponder – the decision to re-embrace blogging, the same question kept filling my empty head. “How can I exclude those people who are not welcome here?”

I realize that is working against my interests – bloggers want readers, even those who they would rather go away – but the end of the other SYLG, the end of SYLG2, and other personal crises have me overprotective of this blog. I am NOT deleting this one, no matter what trolls come my way.

WordPress has a terrific spam/block program, which kept the worst offenders at bay. I had to read the despicable comments, but they never made it to print. Blogger’s spam filter is less impressive, and if you can block people from commenting, I have not yet learned how.

The only other choice is making the blog private, by invitation only. I was seriously considering this option yesterday, but after talking to Metoo and Easily Lost, I decided making SYLG private would do more harm than good. So, the blog’s doors will remain open to all.

My point? I simply wanted to keep you guys informed of my thought processes going forward. Of course, this post would have made more sense with some sleep, but since I’ve been up for 28 straight hours – I am writing this on Saturday at 2pm, my second day this week with no sleep – I am not exactly lucid.

Thanks for listening.

Getting Reacquainted

Hi everybody! Well, most of you were right; it only took three weeks for me to come crawling back. Since I’m supine and covered with dust, I wanted to update everyone on my status.

First, the issue which forced me to delete SYLG2 – for those of you I told – is still active. It has been a month, and so far, I have not heard anything. That is most likely not good news. I decided to delete SYLG2 because the people responsible for my predicament were making it impossible to blog in peace. As a result, I spent the last three weeks bored out of my mind, sitting in front of the computer not writing.

Second, while I am for all intents and purposes back, I am not entirely comfortable yet. I’m tired of trolls and the other drama which comes with a moderately popular blog. Hopefully, the trolls do not follow me here. I am looking to post at least once a day, but I am taking weekends off for a while. I suspect I’ll be at full posting before Christmas. To be brutally honest, I missed you guys, and the emails from readers telling me they missed the blog worked. I came back as much for you as for me.

Third, I want to put up better posts. The slapdash links followed by snarky comments are okay occasionally, but I find it lazy. I want to spend more time on posts like I did when I first stated.

Finally, I want to apologize to everyone. I am an emotional person, and when a crisis comes along, my first instinct is to bail. I bailed on SYLG2 when I probably could have kept going. On Tuesday night, I considered deleting this blog, too, but I started my blogging career here in 2005. The thought of all that work going into the black hole – 3,000+ posts – disturbed me greatly. Considering my occasional emotional breakdowns, I realize I do not deserve your readership, but I am grateful for it.

Thanks for coming back. I missed you guys. I missed this place.


You may have noticed I put up a few posts in the last few days. Truth be told, blog retirement has me bored out of my damned mind, and I needed something to do.

I am not completely coming out of blog retirement, but I’m looking to post at least once a day.

I realize Blogger is a pain in the ass, and everyone (including me) likes WordPress more, but this is where I started. I have a lot of man-hours invested here, so I’m resurrecting this site. At least until the next blog catastrophe, which for me, can come at any moment.

The good news is there are still plenty of babe pics to keep things interesting.

Before You Ask…

Yes, the template colors have changed. My friend Kevin, who lives in Tucson, said the blue background made the blog difficult to read. So, this is what we’re going with for the time being. And no, I’m not crazy about it, but it seemed to be the best of a lot of bad Blogger templates.

I really miss WordPress, but we play the hand we have been dealt.

1 Million Hits B.C.


I started this blog on June 6, 2005 – just under five years ago. Since that fateful day, there have been 6,020 posts (most of them involving fabulous babes), 36,000+ comments (most of them from RT), and now, this tiny, insignificant blog reached an unbelievable milestone: one million unique visits!

Naturally, I have writer’s block today. Those of you who know me personally know how rare it is to see me speechless, but what can I say? The bloated gasbag you have all come to know and love/hate can’t put a coherent sentence together on the biggest day in this blog’s life. So instead, I’ll tell you a story:

In January of 2004, I was talking to a college pal of mine. He sent me a link to his “blog.” Being a wise-ass, I wrote back, “What the frak is a blog?” He explained that it was akin to an internet journal where people post their thoughts, stories, and rants. I thought, “People actually read that crap?” He assured me that they did. Being a self-centered blowhard, this was just the thing for me. I could rant about the things that annoyed me – like, “humans” – and practice what I love – writing- at the same time!

The first blog was born, and it lasted 11 months. I quit that one because of troll trouble and swore I wouldn’t go back. I was out of the game for six months when I christened SYLG, so it seems that I am a big, fat liar.

The first year was fun, but some of the posts were really raw. Check the archives; it’s true. I had a few loyal readers and made a couple of very good blog friends. Being an attention whore, I started reading and commenting on bigger and better blogs. Not a difficult task considering my posts, but I gained a few readers here and there. I worked really hard at writing posts and adopted a policy: I would try to respond to every single comment. It’s a policy I still employ because I think the interaction, the give-and-take makes the blog better.

Soon, more people stopped by to read. Then people stopped by to read and comment. I made new friends of both the “real world” and the “internet” variety, and this insipid little blog started to look like a family. An insane, inbred family, but a family nonetheless. In just five years, SYLG’s daily visits went from 10 to 1,000. And while that is a drop in the bucket for people like Ace and Rusty, it was more than enough to keep me fat and happy. But mostly fat.

The blog opened doors. I was asked to contribute at Blogs4Bauer. I was offered a writing position at Family Security Matters. I was interviewed by Deb Goodrich on her Topeka, Kansas radio show – twice! And I was asked to be part of something really huge, but I can’t talk about that yet. Soon, though.

None of this – my success, or whatever you would term it – is because of you good people. Without you, this blog disappears. So, thank you all for reading. Thank you all for commenting. Thank you for linking. Thank you all for making Support Your Local Gunfighter what it is: a pretty damned good blog. I hope I continue to earn your readership.

Oh, before I forget, it seems the lucky visitor is Sully! Congratulations, my friend! Let me know what you want for your victory!

The Big Move

Today is the three-year anniversary of Support Your Local Gunfighter. And, in true Wyattian fashion, you won’t be reading the anniversary post – or any more new posts – here for, well, forever. That’s because I’m packing up the pistols, the babe pics, and my poodle, er, Doberman, and moving to some fresh, new gigs.

Here’s the back story. When I reached my 200,000th hit, my friend Jim from bRight & Early sent me an e-mail stating he wrangled me a new site/domain name. Bought and paid for: all for me.

What do you say to something like that besides, “Thank you?”

So, I did, and we were off and running. The new site was secured in mid-April, but I wanted to wait until the blogiversary for the release. And that day is today. As of midnight on June 6, 2008, Support Your Local Gunfighter can now be seen at

I’m hoping you follow me over to the new digs, but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. I mean, it’ll just be the same drivel, just with better scenery. Oh, and Haloscan will not be invited along. Get bent, you lousy system!

I would also like to make a plea to my fellow bloggers. Please, please, please update your blogrolls to reflect the new address. I’d appreciate it. (Wow, that was the most pathetic begging I ever had to do.) Well, the second-most pathetic begging. First place was when I begged the missus to marry me.

Well, that’s the news, and I am outta here!

A Note About Comments

For some bizarre reason, Haloscan isn’t registering some comments. I tried to reply to Pam’s comment on the Answers post, and after the fifth try, I gave up. Hopefully, that’s why SYLG has been low in the feedback department, and not because no one is reading anymore.

If your comment doesn’t register, try again. Hopefully, Haloscan will be back online soon. Thanks!