Our Polls Are Rising

I mentioned before I am not a fan of Blogger. To me, it is archaic, and its options are severely limited. Some readers are having trouble commenting, and the comment system itself is awful. Personally, I want to make you guys happy here, so I was wondering if anyone wanted me to go back to WordPress, or if Blogger was still a suitable platform for you.

So, I have a poll.

(function () { var opst = document.createElement(‘script’); var os_host = document.location.protocol == “https:” ? “https:” : “http:”; opst.type = ‘text/javascript’; opst.async = true; opst.src = os_host + ‘//’ + ‘www.opinionstage.com/polls/2303823/embed.js’; (document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0] || document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0]).appendChild(opst); }());

I’d appreciate your input. I know I keep bouncing all over the place, and that bothers me, but I want to make sure everyone is comfortable, no matter where I land.

21 thoughts on “Our Polls Are Rising

  1. Wyatt, I'd say go with whatever is easier for you. It's your blog, we're just dropping by for the free ice cream. And the babe pics, can't forget about those. And True Detective Stories. And the tales of the neighbors. And the babe pics. Stay safe


  2. Lergnom – My blog, but without you guys, I'd be talking to myself. I respect everyone's opinion, and it is now impossible to hurt my feelings. But yes, all those are guarantees here.


  3. I can read and comment on either. If I remember correctly, word press was a little easier but I think it limits profile pictures.(not a big deal). Since you want input, I say go with word press.


  4. Ingineer – Then you're going to be disappointed. I have comedy bronze, at best.Jack – It's 7-1 in favor of WordPress. I'm looking into templates and such, but I won't move until it's ready to go, and obviously, I'll let everyone know here. It is nice to see a lot of you thinking along my lines. I guess we've been in the sane insane asylum long enough to know what the other is thinking.


  5. As you stated, I like WordPress but like everyone else, I will find you wherever you go. I am a fan of the snark and that won't be changing any time soon. Do what works best for you, Wyatt.


  6. Metoo – Personally, I'm more comfortable with WordPress. I'll be spending the day scouring for a decent WP template. Posts will remain here until I'm confident about the new place, and hopefully, you guys won't be pissed that I'm moving again.


  7. Rob – I'd obviously leave all the new blog info in a post here, and send out emails to the regulars, too. I just think WordPress is the better option for everyone.


  8. Back from a couple of weeks on my boat. What fun…After not figuring out why my post wouldn't post when I tried commenting with WordPress, I figured anonymous was easier. Guess I like WordPress. Mostly I just like the snarkasm and am happy whatever you find easiest to use.Redneck Geezer


  9. RG – Thanks. I'm actually spending much o my day looking into the new WP site. I'll still post here until it's ready, but I'd say Halloween at the latest. I'll kep everyone updated.


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